Special Prayers (Eid, Janazah, Witr)

Special Prayers Eid prayers Before Eid prayers, it is important that one should try to follow these sunnah and mustahabb acts. Taking Ghusl It is recommended for Muslims to perform ghusl for the Eid prayers. Yahya related to me from Malik from Nafi that Abdullah ibn Umar used to do ghusl on the day of… Continue reading Special Prayers (Eid, Janazah, Witr)

Prostration of Forgetfulness

Prostration of Forgetfulness Prostration of Forgetfulness (known as Sajda Sahw) is a prescibed act that is done when the Muslim makes mistakes in salat due to their forgetness, or he feels doubtful about how many rakats he has performed. It is two prostrations, exactly like the normal prostration. saying Takbir, and Subhaana Rabbiyal-A’la (Glory be… Continue reading Prostration of Forgetfulness


Khushoo Salat the 2nd pillar of Islam after Shahadah, is one of the most important acts of worship, as it is a conversation with Allah, the Supreme Creator, Lord of the Worlds. There are 5 daily prayers with Jumma every Friday. Please share this message to your friends, family members and other seeking pleasure of… Continue reading Khushoo

Mistakes in Salat

Mistakes in Salat You can check how to pray Assalam o Alaikum rahamutullahi wa barakuthu. Salat is the 2nd pillar of Islam, which we Muslims are ordered to pray 5 times a day. Allah has orders Salat in Quran and the ways of performing Salat are mentioned in Sunnah. Unfortunately, we do not spend much… Continue reading Mistakes in Salat