Sunnah Part 2

Continued – Sunnah about Family and Social Life All ahadith below are from the website Putting morsel of food in your wife’s mouth (Sahih Bukhari 56) Marrying widows and divorced, (Prophet peace be upon him’ wives were divorced or widowed except Aisha who was virgin and young.) Looking after widows (Tirmidhi 1969) Maintaining ties with… Continue reading Sunnah Part 2


Assalam o Alaikum rahamutullahi wa barakuthu brothers and sisters, As we are Muslims, Allah has told us that if we love Him, then we should follow His Messenger, this is mentioned in the Quran, Instead of Sunnah, biddah is widespread everywhere, therefore, I wanted to write on the subject. I pray and hope that Allah… Continue reading Sunnah